RP.7A Portrait of a Man and a Woman

RP.7A Portrait of a Man and Woman

Florence, Palazzo Pitti, inv. 1912, no. 118.

Panel, 62.5 x 86.3.



Freedberg, 1963, II, 223, 234, n. 2, as resembling Toschi [Foschi], about the middle of the sixteenth century.

Costamagna and Fabre, 1985, 73-74, n. 14, the woman by Tommaso di Stefano Lunetti, the man by Pier Francesco di Jacopo Foschi.

Serena Padovani, in Sarto, 1986, 181-183, no. XXXV, and Fig., with other bibliography, as by Tommaso di Stefano Lunetti(?).


Philippe Costamagna told me that at the Sarto symposium in Florence accompanying the exhibition of 1986-1987, Zeri attributed this double portrait to Rosso.  Since the 1588 inventory of the collection of Don Antonio de’Medici until the 19th century, the picture bore an attribution to Sarto that is now generally recognized as incorrect.  The attributions to Lunetti and Foschi are more to the point.  It is not possible for me to intuit how Zeri could have related it to Rosso.