RE.5 Venus with Three Amorini

RE.5 Boyvin?, Venus with Three Amorini

Engraving by René Boyvin?, 14.4 x 9.2 S (Vienna), 13.2 x 9.2 S (Paris).

Fig.RE.5 (Vienna)

Robert-Dumesnil, VIII, 1850, 29, 21, as Boyvin after Rosso.  Le Blanc, 1854-1888/90, I, 506, 24, as Boyvin after Rosso.

COLLECTIONS: Paris, Ed 3, in-folio.  Vienna, F.I.3, p.12, no. 22.


Kusenberg, 1931, 161, as Boyvin after Rosso.

Linzeler, 1932, 170, as Boyvin after Rosso.

Herbet, 1937, 182, as perhaps after one of the oil paintings at the ends of the Gallery of Francis I.

Levron, 1941, 74, 172, as shop of Boyvin after Rosso.


In the simplicity of its drawing and modeling the design of this print recalls the Caritas Romana (Fig.E.105, Copy, Caritas) that may have been designed by Thiry.1  As with that print, the design of the Venus may be dependent to some extent upon an image by Rosso, but none is identifiable.  With the main figure seen from the back it is unlikely that it is related to Venus in one of the oil paintings in the Gallery of Francis I as Herbet suggested.

Only one of the children in the print has a visible wing, suggesting that the main figure is probably Venus, although without it she could be recognized as Charity.

Robert-Dumesnil commented upon the light manner of the engraving, which is not at all usual for Boyvin.  In this respect it recalls the Caritas Romana, which may also not be by him or even from his shop.