RD.34 Nude Youth Seated on a Parapet

RD.34 Nude Youth Seated on a Parapet

Rome, Private Collection.


Red chalk, 29 x 10 (from Grassi).1

PROVENANCE: G. Vallardi (Lugt 1223).  Locarno.


Luigi Grassi, “Appunti sul Pontormo e i suoi Disegni,” Emporium, 103, 1946, 34, Fig. 7, 41, 46, n. 19, as by Pontormo at the time of the fresco at Poggio a Caiano but not used for it.

Berenson, 1961, no. 2458D-I, as not showing Pontormo’s touch; very near to Rosso and perhaps by him.

Cox-Rearick, 1964, I, 409, A 352, as showing the influence of Pontormo’s Poggio a Caiano drawings but in style closer to the School of Bandinelli.


I know this drawing only from the illustration in Grassi’s article.  This Pontormesque drawing does not resemble any by Rosso even at his most Pontormesque around 1519-1524 (see his Study for an Altarpiece, Fig.D.4, and his Standing Nude Woman, Fig.D.5).  While Cox-Rearick recognized Pontormo’s influence, it is not clear to me how the drawing would be related to the School of Bandinelli.2


1 From Grassi as on white paper “preparata a tempera avana chiaro.”

2 I do not know the School of Bandinelli drawings (Uffizi 6541F and 14006F) to which she compared the drawing.