E.145 Cartouche: Roundels Framing a Standing Draped Woman

E.145 Anonymous, Cartouche with Roundels

Partially after Rosso.

Etching, Anonymous, 21.7 x 35.2 S (Paris).

Fig.E.145 (Vienna)

Bartsch, XVI, 1818, 429, 132, as Anonymous, School of Fontainebleau.  Herbet, V, 1902, 74 (1969, 226), 108, as Anonymous.

COLLECTIONS: Paris, Ed 8b Rés., Vol. II, no. 99.  Vienna, H.B.XIII, 2, p.62, no. 416.

LITERATURE: Berliner, 1925-1926, I, Pl. 120, Text Volume, 42, as Anonymous.

The etching is related, with variations, to the decoration, without the central stucco scene, at the left of the Cleobis and Biton in the Gallery of Francis I (Fig.P.22, V S a).  The panel is in the same direction at the right and is repeated in reverse at the left.  In the print the outer figures below may be holding mirrors; the comparable figure in the gallery does not; there is instead in this place a stucco mask.  The print is probably based on a lost drawing for the framing elements of the left side of this wall.  But it may also reflect an original scheme for a wall with a vertical central fresco.

For another print, by Fantuzzi, related to the Cleobis and Biton wall, see E.87.