DOC.38 January 2, 1540

In consideration of his person and of his services to the Chapter of Notre Dame, Rosso is allowed to receive distributions “openly and liberally” from the chapter during his absence from Paris.

Paris, National Archives, LL 140, p. 630.

Contemplatione persone domini de Rossis et obsequiorum per eum ecclesie prestitorum, habeat franche et libere distributiones merellorum ecclesie de tempore sue absentie a Parisius.  (In the margin) = de Rossis.1

1 Grodecki, 1975, 109, V, I, 7; 104, n. 13.  Here the “distributions de merceaux” (“distributiones merellorum”) are specifically indicated, as already noted by Grodecki with reference to DOC.35.