E.58 Two Caryatids and a Term

Etching by Jacques Androuet Du Cerceau.

Geymüller, 1887, 52, 68, Fig. 33, 192, 314.  See Le Blanc, 1854-1890, I, 46, 253-264, Set of 12 prints, 16.5 x 11.8.

COLLECTIONS. Paris, Ed 2d, petit in-folio.

LITERATURE: Linzeler, 1932, 61.

The two caryatids of this print are related to the triads of caryatids that flank the Danaë in the Gallery of Francis I.  However, in the etching they are single.  It is only in the most general sense that they are derived from Rosso’s figures and are probably dependent upon either Fantuzzi’s etching of this frame (Fig.E.69) or upon the Milan-Boyvin engraving (Fig.E.103).