DOC.2 Florence, February 26, 1517 (modern style)

Rosso’s matriculation in the Arte dei Medici e Speziali.

Florence, State Archives. Arte dei Medici e Speziali, vol. 10 (Libro Bianco di Matricole, 1490-1523), fol. 13o verso:

Die XXVI februarii 1516 (Florentine style)

Johannes Baptistas Jacobi, decto el Rosso, pictor populi Santi Marci de Florentia, volens venire ad magistratum dicte artis et describi inter alios artifices matriculatos, propterea promisit etc., iuravit etc., obligavit etc., rogans etc.  Debet solvere florenos sex sigilli.1

1 The Florentine date was given in Vasari-Milanesi, V, 1881, 155, n. 1.  Colnaghi, 1928, 236, gave the correct date in Florentine and modern style, but identified “Sancti Marci” incorrectly as “Sta. Maria del Fiore.”  Venturi, IX, 5, 1932, 144, gave Colnaghi’s date.  Wackernagel, 1938, 306, gave the Florentine date (wrongly given as 1519 in Wackernagel, 1981, 300, n. 1), and said that of the nine matriculations in 1517, Rosso’s is the only one of a well known artist; this is repeated in Harald Keller, Die Kunstlandschaften Italiens, Munich, 1965, 133.  Franklin, 1987, 656, n. 44, provided the archival reference and correctly identified the parish as that of San Marco; as also in Franklin, 1994, 1, 52, 271, n. 1, 197, Appendix A, DOCUMENT 10, 316.

Gino Corti informed me that Rosso paid full tax, indicating that he had no relative earlier enrolled in this same guild, as reported in Carroll, 1987, 16, 33, n. 30, and stated by Franklin.