L.14D Rosso? St. John The Baptist

Not after 1524?

Painting, Don Antonio de’Medici Collection, Florence.

Franklin, 1994, 278, n. 88, published the following document mentioning a picture of “San Giovanni” by Rosso in the inventory of Don Antonio de’Medici’s possessions in the gallery of the Palazzo del Casino of 14 March 1587 (modern 1588):

ASF, Guardaroba Medicea, vol. 136, fol. 157r: “Uno quadro di uno San Giovanni in tavola dissono di mano del Rosso, braccio 1 alto, ornamento di noce intagliato, largo braccio 3/4.”

As Franklin pointed out, the recorded dimensions of the painting are somewhat larger than those of the painting of the same subject in a private collection (P.11).  The use of the phrase “dissono di mano del Rosso” suggests uncertainty about the authorship of the picture on the part of the person who made the inventory.