DOC.9a (?) Rome, around 1526

A census records a “Roseo pitore” as living in the Campo Marzio.

As reported by Franklin, 1994, 134, 283, n. 52, referring to D. Gnoli, “Censimento di Roma sotto Clemente VII,” Archivio della R. Società di Storia Patria, XVII, 1984, 422, a certain “Roseo pitore” was living in the Campo Marzio around 1526.  This “Roseo” has three dependents (“bocche”).  According to Franklin, the Campo Marzio district of Rome had more artists living there than in any other area of Rome, including, it seems, Perino del Vaga and Peruzzi.  The Campo Marzio is the area between the Via della Scrofa and the Via del Corso, in which the church of S. Maria in Campo Marzio is located.

At present there is no evidence to corroborate the identification of this “Roseo pitore” with Rosso Fiorentino, although he was in Rome at this time (depending on how precise “around 1526” can be interpreted).