DOC.6b Piombino, January 11, 1521

(Not Found.) Contract with the confraternity of the Corpus Christi.

Record of this document with the date “XI Ianuarii 1521 stilo plumbinensi” appears in DOC.7a of September 9, 1521, in which Rosso, in Florence, appoints a procurator to collect money owed to him by various persons and by the confraternity of the Corpus Christi. According to Waldman and Franklin, 1999, 105-107, 112, Documentary Appendix, Doc. 2, this document would have been a copy of Rosso’s original contract with the confraternity for use in the evaluation of the completed Christo morto painted for the chapel of the confraternity in the church of Santi Lorenzo e Antimo.