L.14C Rosso? Portrait

Not after 1524?

Painting, Riccardi Collection, Florence.

In the 1612 inventory of the Riccardi Collection in Florence (A.S.F., Carte Riccardi, fil. 258, c. 21r. – 23r.; Keutner, 1959, 152; Franklin, 1994, 211) there is listed: “Alla settima lunetta / Un ritratto di br. a 14 di mano del Rosso n . 1 .”

It might be assumed that because no other description is given that a male portrait is to be understood here.  It was about 73 cm high, which is just a little under the height of Rosso’s male portraits in Liverpool (P.16) and in London (P.6).  If by Rosso it was probably a Florentine work, dating not after 1524.