E.68 Fortune giving Drink to a Young Prince

E.68 Fantuzzi, Fortune

Etching by Antonio Fantuzzi, 21.1 x 21.7 L, round but slightly flat at bottom (New York).  Inscribed at the bottom with a monogram composed of joined letters: ATF.

Fig.E.68 (New York)

Herbet, V, 1902, 181 (1969, 233), 106, as Fantuzzi, recording Mariette’s comment of its “manière assez froid” and that one cannot determine the inventor.  Zerner, 1969, A.F.30, as probably 1543.

COLLECTION: New York, 59.596.21 (dark reddish ink).


Béguin, RdA, 1969, 105.

Béguin and Pressouyre, 1972, 141, Fig. 210.

Béguin, 1972, 166, states that the prince’s boots are decorated with wings.

Carroll, 1987, 294-297, no. 94 (New York).

Béguin, 1989, 835, 836, Fig. 34.


This etching is related to the round stucco relief, in reverse, at the right side of the West Wall of the Gallery of Francis I (Fig.P.22, WestWall, c).  The differences between the print and the relief are specified in the catalogue entry of the gallery (P.22, West Wall).  Like the other etchings of narrative scenes related to pictures in the gallery, it is very probable that this print is after a lost drawing by Rosso, the composition of which was altered, possibly first in another drawing, when it was executed in stucco.  Fantuzzi could have altered Rosso’s design himself but the evidence of comparable etchings by Fantuzzi suggests that he did not do so to this extent.  The stuccoer may have changed Rosso’s composition somewhat, the background completely, but it is just as likely that a second drawing was made by Rosso from which the stuccoer worked.  Béguin thought the etching shows wings decorating the prince’s boots but the ornamentation could rather be fur pelts.