DOC.14 Late 1530-1532

Lazare de Baïf, in Venice as the French Ambassador, is paid 300 scudoes to buy pigments for fresco painting as requested by Rosso.

Paris, National Archives, 9601 pièce no. 51 (formerly J. 961, 1, no. 95).

A Messire Lazare de Bayf, la somme de troys cens escutz soleil pour employer aux couleurs à frès, suyvant le mémoire de Roux, paintre dud. seigneur [le Roy], qui luy a esté envoyé, et a ordonné led. seigneur lad. somme de IIIc escus estre envoyée aud. de Bayf par le trésorier de l’espargne, pour cecy. IIIc csc.sol.1


1 Laborde, Renaissance, II, 1855, 752-753, as datable, “à en juger par divers articles” apparently related to this record, after the month of December and probably in the first months of 1531.  Laborde, II, 1880, 365, as within the period 1530-1532.  Actes de Francois Ier, VII, 1896, 650, no 27997.  Dorez, 1916, 451, n. 5, as 1531.  Mentioned in Adhémar, 1954, 313, n. 1.  J. Coural and M.-H. Babelon, in EdF, 1972, 339, stated that this document dates from after 23 March 1531, but they give no argument for this conclusion.  In “Galerie,” RdA, 1972, 40, as 1530-1532, and as related to the decoration of the Gallery of Francis I.  If Rosso’s “mémoire” was made in France, as is likely, then this payment cannot have been made before November 1530 when Rosso is first recorded there.  He arrived from Venice.