E.57,6 Putto Holding an F in Reverse Above a Blank Circle

Etching by Jacques Androuet Du Cerceau.

Herbet, IV, 1900, 305 (1969, 155), VI (Petits Cartouches), 18.

COLLECTIONS: Amsterdam (De Jong and de Groot, 1988, 227, 542.18).  New York, 62.525, no. 17 (another version of this print with the F in the right direction).

This print would seem to be derived from Du Cerceau’s Grand Cartouche, Second Set, 3 (E.56,3), in reverse, except that the F held by the figure at the top remains in reverse.  The cartouche is related to side panels of the lost decoration of the East Wall of the Gallery of Francis I (P.22, East Wall).

COPY: London, Case 168, no. Q 26, no. 3 (17.7 x 11.92).