E.55, 1-3 Grands Cartouches de Fontainebleau, First Set

10 etchings by Jacques Androuet du Cerceau, c. 22.2-22.7 x c. 16-16.7 (Herbet).

Three states:

I.  Unnumbered.

II.  Numbered, with numbers in reverse, at the top, middle (but see below).

III.  Also inscribed: I Honervogt exc.

Herbet, IV, 1900, 300-301 (1969, 150-151), IV, 1-10.

The dimensions of these prints vary slightly more than indicated by Herbet.  Furthermore, the numbering of the plates I have seen does not in every case coincide with Herbet’s own.  His number 4, for example (see below), is numbered 5 in the impression I have seen.  In addition, his description of his number 3 seems not to correspond wholly with the impression I know.  His comments on other prints may also be different from impressions that have the same numbers.  This would seem to be due to the variety of sets that were made and the editions that were printed, differing from one print collection to another.