DOC.44 December 20, 1540, Monday

Proceeding of the Chapter of Notre Dame to the executors of Rosso’s will to obtain a copy of the will, by which he left to the chapter 400 livres tournois for his obit and 120 livres tournois for his burial and service.

Paris, National Archives, LL 142, p. 189.

Recuperabunt domini Decanus et de Faulcon copiam collationatam ad originale testamenti dni Jo. Bapt. de Rossis ab executioribus ejusdem pro legato per eum facto de summa 400 l.t. pro suo obitu et 120 l.t. pro inhumacione et servitio ejusem.  (In the margin=) de legato defuncti domini Jo. Bapt. de Rossis Canonici Paris.1

1 Roy, 1920, 85, and n. 2 (1929, 150, and n. 3), transcribed; here slightly corrected.  Roy gives the date as: Lunae, 20 Decem., and p. 189, but also the archival reference: LL 290, fol. 223ro.  Grodecki, 1975, 110, V, I, 13, transcribed.  There would seem to be two copies of this record, the second one with Rosso’s name as “domini Johannis baptiste de Rossis” and with the sums in Roman numerals (“III C” and “VIxx”), and in the margin: “De Rossis pro legato ecclesie.”