E.107 ROTA, Christ in a Niche

Engraving by Martino Rota, 36.5 x 21.25 (Zerner: Vienna).  Inscribed at the bottom: Il corpo e’l sanque mio preso con zelo / Fa l’huom terreno cittadin del Cielo / Martini Rota Sebenzan F. / Nicolo Nelli exc.

Le Blanc, 1854-1890, III, 367, 15, as by Martino Rota.


LITERATURE: Zerner, IB, 33, 1979, 21 (Vienna).  Carroll, 1987, 354, n. 1, under no. 111.

This engraving is derived, and reversed, from the Christ in a Niche III (Fig.E.158), which in turn goes back to a design by Rosso (Fig.E.156).  Compared to its immediate source, Rota’s engraving shows a larger niche without the shell motif, and with reliefs above.  The cross is larger and rises higher, and the toes of Christ and the chalice overlap the bottom edge of the niche.  Furthermore, the chalice has a different design.