DOC.42 November 19, 1540

Five days after his death [on Sunday, November 14, 1540; see DOC.43], his prebend is declared vacant.

Paris, National Archives, LL 142, p. 163. (On p. 162 verso, at the head of the chapter, appears the date: veneris XIXa novembris eodem anno M Vc XLmo.)

Hodie declaratum est grossum prebende parisius defuncti domini de Rossis apud Vernotum et Machellum, vacante per ejusdem defunct obitum. (In the margin in the same hand=) Grossus de Rossis.1

1 Grodecki, 1975, 110, V, I, 10.  On the same day, Jacques Cappel was received as a canon to replace Rosso, with letters from Louis du Bellay of November 16, two days after Rosso’s death (LL 142, pp. 163-165; see also Grodecki, 1975, 110, n. 1).  Roy, 1920 (1929, 150), document mentioned, and in Venturi, IX, 5, 1932, 199.