DOC.41 February?, 1539 (modern style)

Payment to Rosso of 1400 livres tournois for his wages and living expenses for one of several years that he claims are due him.

Paris, National Archives, J 962, 14, no. 9.

A maistre Roux de Rousse, painctre, pour ses gaiges et entretement d’une année sur plusieurs années qu’il prétend luy estre deues, à prandre comme dessus                                                            1,400 l.1

1 Laborde, Renaissance, II, 1855, 757, as datable within the period 1531-1538 (and as having the archival number J 961, no. 161; see Actes de François Ier, VII, 1905, 175, 180, no. 30923, where the document is listed under its new number and under the old one given by Laborde, and where it is dated February, 1539 [new style]).  After “deues” Laborde gave: “à prandre sur les deniers de l’espargne à l’entour du dict seigneur….. xiiijc livres.”  Laborde, II, 1880, 365, with its old number, and as of 1539, and without either last phrase.  Venturi, IX, 5, 1932, 198, partially transcribed.  Blomfield, 1911, 15, as 1539, and as indicating that Rosso’s claim for several years’ wages resulted in being paid for one only.  The reading as given here was provided by the archivist.  I do not know why Laborde gave a slightly different wording.