E.57, 1-11 Petits Cartouches de Fontainebleau

33 etchings by Jacques Androuet Du Cerceau, c. 11-13 x c. 17-18 (Herbet).

Herbet said that Mariette indicated there are 26 prints in this set.  Geymüller, 1887, 315, stated there are 36, the number given by Linzeler, 1932, 62, if he is in fact referring to this set alone.  The 32 catalogued by Herbet are reproduced by Baldus, 1881.

Herbet, IV, 1900, 303-337 (1969, 153-157), VI, 1-32.

Geymüller, 1887, 316, stated that there were several editions of this set; also, that later some of the cartouches were freely copied in a work titled: Raccolta de disegni et compartimenti diversi, tratti de marmi e bronzi degli antichi Romani et dedicate all’illmo.  Sigr Georgio Maynwarigne, Cap no Englese.  Francesco Valerio D.D.