DOC.39 November 19 (?), 1537 – June 28, 1540

Rosso’s attendance at the meetings of the Chapter of Notre Dame in Paris.

Paris, National Archives, LL 142, Registres capitulaires de Notre-Dame.

Roy, 1920 (1929, 152), stated that the Chapter of Notre Dame met two or three times a week, and that their Registres capitulaires give a complete record of which canons attended their meetings.  These records show that Rosso attended them assiduously, but ceased entirely from coming after April 28, 1540, according to Roy.  The last date, however, is actually June 28, 1540 (LL 142, fol. 63).  Grodecki, 1975, 102, and n. 12, noted this, too, remarking that he attended the meetings with a certain assiduity, at least during the first year of his canonicate (see Grodecki, 1975, 108, under V, I, 3, where she indicates that he attended his first meeting on November 19, 1540, although the document of that date states that this meeting will be on November 25).  Between November 1537 and November 1538, again according to Grodecki, 1975, his absences were rare and limited to a single meeting (now and again?).  After this period his absences became more frequent and lasted longer, from a week to more than a month.  There is a long absence from September 16, 1539, to January 7, 1540, which, Grodecki quite appropriately suggested, corresponds to what was probably a necessary long stay at Fontainebleau required for the preparations for the visit of Charles V (see L.48).  His last attendance was at the meeting of June 28, 1540.