The only engravings by Jacob Bink that are certainly known to be after Rosso are Bink’s copies, signed and dated 1530, of Caraglio’s Gods in Niches.  These are very careful transcriptions of the original prints, so careful, in fact, that they have often been confused with Caraglio’s.  On the evidence of these copies it can be suggested that another set of copies after Caraglio, of his Labors of Hercules, is also by Bink.  Furthermore, it is quite likely that the Mars and Venus engraving [E.130], frequently attributed to Caraglio, is by Bink.  In its first state it bears a monogram that has been recognized as his.  It is possible that all of these prints were made in France in 1530, very shortly after Rosso’s appointment by Francis I as “peintre du roy” became known.