E.57,5 Large Female Nude at the Left

Cartouche with a Large Female Nude at the Left and a Large Male Nude at the Right Framing a Blank Rectangle

Etching by Jacques Androuet Du Cerceau.

Herbet, IV, 1900, 305 (1969, 155), VI (Petits Cartouches), 17.

COLLECTIONS: Amsterdam (De Jong and de Groot, 1988, 227, 542.17).  New York, 62.525, no. 21.

LITERATURE: Béguin and Pressouyre, 1972, 125.

This print is rather closely copied in the same direction from Fantuzzi’s etching (Fig.E.70), but with the center area left blank.  It is related to the frame of the Venus and Minerva in the Gallery of Francis I.  Herbet said it is related to no. 8 of Du Cerceau’s Grands Cartouches, First Set (E.55,3), but that print is of the frame of the Enlightenment of Francis I in the gallery.

COPY: London, Case 168, no. Q 26, p.11 (11.9 x 18.2 S).

DERIVATION: Moro.  Cartouche with a large female nude at the left and a large male nude at the right framing a scene with a woman drinking.  Etching and drypoint, 12.4 (including margin 1.6) x 17.8 S (Vienna).  Bartsch, XVI, 1818, 88, 26, as Schiavone.  Herbet, II, 1896, 270 (1969,    66), under Fantuzzi no. 4, and Herbet, IV, 1900, 155 (1969, 305) under Du Cerceau, VI (Petits Cartouches), 17.  COLLECTIONS: New York, 26.70.3 (210) (State I).  Vienna, Vol. It.III.2, p.9, middle, State I (Fig.E.57,5, Moro).  LITERATURE: Kusenberg, 1931, 165, under F.H. 4.  Béguin and Pressouyre, 1972, 125, as Pittoni.  Zerner, IB, 32, 1979, 137, as Pittoni?  Richardson, 1980, 111 and Fig. 230, as Moro.  De Jong and de Groot, 1988, under 542.17, as Pittoni.

In the same direction as Du Cerceau’s print.  Moro has added a large head flanked by dolphins at the top, and has included a scene in the large and small rectangles that Du Cerceau left blank.  Moro’s print is copied in the same direction with variations in Pittoni, Imprese di diversi Principi…, Venice, 1562, 35, etching.