RD.37 Nude Man Reclining on a Chariot

RD.37 Nude Man Reclining on a Chariot

Stockholm, National Museum, NM Anck. 588.


Pen and brown ink, and brown wash, 21.3 x 28.8; wm., grapes.

PROVENANCE: (from Bjurström, 1976): M. G. Anckarvärd.  A. Michelson.  K. Michelson.  Acquired by the museum in 1896.

LITERATURE: Bjurström, 1976, no. 79, Fig., as Rosso.

The figure, which may not be of an old man as Bjurström thought, has the proportions and languid posture that might be associated with Primaticcio’s art, although the graphic mode of the drawing does imitate Rosso’s use of the pen.  The drawing is probably part of the same program to which the other drawing of Venus and Cupid in a Chariot, also in Stockholm (Fig.RD.36), belongs.