E.84 Cartouche: Child Playing Two Horns Framing a Blank Circle

E.84 Fantuzzi, Cartouche with a Child

Possibly in part after Rosso.

Etching by Antonio Fantuzzi, 28.9 x 22 S (Paris, Ed 8b).

Fig.E.84 (Zerner: Paris)

Herbet, II, 1896, 274 (1969, 70), 20, as Fantuzzi.  Zerner, 1969, XLIV, A.F.47 (Paris), as 1542-1543.

COLLECTIONS: Paris, Eb 14d; Ed 8b Rés., Vol. II, no. 57.


Berliner, 1925-1926, I, Pl. 119.1 (bottom left), Text Volume, 42.

Kusenberg, 1931, 166, as Fantuzzi, in the style of Rosso, and perhaps after a lost decoration at Fontainebleau.

Thomas, 1959, 69, Fig. 76, 70.

Béguin, RdA, 1969, 105, as a variant of a decorative scheme represented also by Zerner, A.F.48 [E.85].

Adelson, 1980, 161, ns. 69, 70, Fig. 61.

On this print and its possible relation to the lost decoration of the Small Gallery at Fontainebleau, see E.85 and L.41.

COPY, PRINT: E.56,6.  Du Cerceau, etching.  Herbet, IV, 1900, 302 (1969, 152), V (Grands Cartouches, Second Set), 6.