DOC.27 1532

Rosso’s wages, perhaps for one of the quarters of that year.

Formerly Paris?, Archives of Baron de Joursanvault.

Catalogue analytique des archives de M. le baron de Joursanvault, Paris, 1838, I, no. 827: “Dix pieces: pensions de Roux de Roux peintre du roi;… (and of other artists and artisans)… 1532-1577.”  This piece was noted in Laborde, Renaissance, I, 1850, 199-200, as “Pension de Roux de Roux, painctre du Roy, 1532,” with the comment that this must be a settlement for one of the quarters, apparently meaning of 1532.  Laborde’s dating of the document comes from the first date of the range of dates given for the ten pieces.  Noting, however, the frequent delays of payment, the wages could have been for 1531.

The archivist informed me that the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris bought only those documents in this collection beginning with piece no. 2227; the other documents were sold at a public auction that, as indicated in a slip contained in Vol. II of the catalogue in the Bibliothèque Nationale, was held on October 15, 1838.