L.28 A Drawing on Green Paper

1528 or 1529


In the inventory of 1532 of the possessions that Rosso left when he fled Arezzo in 1529 (see DOC.13) there is listed: “uno desegno in carta verde.”  There are two Aretine drawings by Rosso on green paper, the Design for an Altar (Fig.D.38a) and the Design for a Chapel with an Altarpiece of “The Gathering of Manna” (Fig.D.37a), both in the British Museum, either of which could be the drawing, as noted also by Franklin, 1994, 236.  The altar drawing, made for S. Maria delle Lagrime, which held and inventoried Rosso’s abandoned possessions, and engraved by Cherubino Alberti (Fig.E.4a), is more likely the drawing that was inventoried.