Sustainability Intern with Harriet Tubman Apartments

This opportunity is available during the Fall 2022 semester. Parts of this opportunity can be conducted remotely.

The Harriet Tubman Terrace Apartments (Tubman) is a non-profit, 200 unit apartment complex on the West side of the City of Poughkeepsie. The mission of Tubman is to provide clean, safe, rent-subsidized apartments to qualifying low-income residents of Poughkeepsie. It can be said, generally speaking, that the resident population of Tubman represents a high-needs community with limited financial resources.

The overall management of the Tubman Apartments is the responsibility of the Board of Directors who are the fiduciaries of the complex. The Board wants to start additional programs that would help Tubman as a whole become more environmentally responsible in its operation. To that end, one of the projects that would help would be to perform a feasibility study for, and implementation of, a recycling program on site. 

The main deliverables of this opportunity are:

  • A report detailing the infrastructure needs of a recycling program for a residential apartment setting.
  • Implement and support a community-based program that would initiate the recycling program.
  • Engage resident community in education regarding recycling and provide program information.
  • A final report at the end of the opportunity on progress and deficits of project implementation including, if possible, estimates of waste diverted.

In this assignment, the applicant will  be working with the Board, staff of Tubman and contractors. Direction and oversight will be done primarily by an outside contractor that will provide subject matter expertise in the area of waste management and recycling. In regards to day-to-day operations, physical recycling needs and anything else needed regarding on-site work, the applicant will address these concerns to Tubman’s property manager, Ron Traudt.

Hours: Students can register for either 0.5 unit or 1.0 unit of credit ( min. 40 hrs with org over the semester for + 30 hrs of academic work OR min. 80 hr over the semester with org  + 60 hours of academic work)

To Apply:  Please email a statement of interest and your resume to

Climate Communications with Bedford 2030

This opportunity is available during the Fall 2022 semester. This is a remote position and is only available for CEL credit.

Bedford 2030 is a progressive nonprofit focused on grassroots community climate action. The organization has piloted a number of environmental and sustainability initiatives that have subsequently been adopted and implemented throughout Westchester County.

Bedford 2030 is a 501(c)3 that addresses the urgent issue of climate change through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and preservation of natural resources. Since 2010, through partnerships, programs, and events we have inspired, advocated, communicated, convened and connected with our community, in Bedford and beyond, to drive behavior change. A recent report shows that, with Bedford 2020 leading the way, our community successfully reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 44% (as compared to 2004 baseline data).

We are seeking an intern to assist us in applying for and completing tasks to certify the Town of Bedford as a Silver Certified Community. We currently are Bronze certified and are looking to update our application to reflect the required information about the additional sustainable actions we have completed. Climate Smart Communities (CSC) is a New York State program that helps local governments take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate. The program offers free technical assistance, grants, and rebates for electric vehicles.

Our intern(s) will help us aggregate data, coordinate task completion and organize our application to submit to the Climate Smart Community program. The intern(s) will work closely with the Bedford2030 team and the Town of Bedford.

Position Description:

Students would help with the Climate Smart Certification initiative, including drafting information required for the state government grant and policy. The student would learn about how town departments are involved in these initiatives and how the climate smart communities work towards the state level certifications. Students will write articles, blogs, and help with details regarding press, and communications with the public.

Desired Skills:

  • Project management
  • Organized
  • Attention to detail
  • Interest in clean energy is a plus

Hours: Flexible within Monday – Thursday between 10 and 5; Students can register for either 0.5 unit or 1.0 unit of credit ( min. 40 hrs with org over the semester for + 30 hrs of academic work OR min. 80 hr over the semester with org + 60 hours of academic work)

To Apply:  Please email a statement of interest and your resume to

Your Role in New York’s Climate Action (virtual)

When New York’s draft scoping plan, written by the Climate Action Council, is finalized later this year, it will impact every New Yorker: our energy choices, the industries we work in, the communities we live in, the investments we make in affordable energy, and the ways we can protect ourselves and our neighborhoods against climate change. The River Newsroom climate reporter, Lissa Harris, will talk with people who have been following the state’s climate planning process closely about what the scoping plan means for all New Yorkers—and what action you can take.

Register here!

Driving Change in the Transportation Sector? NY’s Draft Scoping Plan, and How You Can Get Involved (virutal)

Transportation is one of the largest sources of climate-damaging emissions in New York, and a major source of other harmful pollutants that damage our health, particularly in disadvantaged communities. Eliminating those emissions will be critical to reaching the emissions and equity goals of New York’s Climate Act. Join New Yorkers for Clean Power for this teach-in on Tuesday, May 24th at noon about the transportation section of the State’s proposed Scoping Plan. Learn about what the Climate Action Council is recommending and whether those recommendations go far enough.

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Business Development & Community Engagement with Thrift 2 Fight

This opportunity is available during Summer 2022 and is only available for CEL credit.

Thrift 2 Fight

Thrift 2 Fight harnesses the power of thrift fashion to raise money for progressive activism through sales at our brick-and-mortar store in Tivoli, NY, as well as by engaging communities through university partnerships and local Thrift 2 Fight chapters.

Location: 48 Broadway, Tivoli, NY


  • Designing, planning, and coordinating in-person events both with organizations we are funding – local grassroots organizations working at the intersections of racial justice, queer liberation, and disability rights activism, as well as other Hudson Valley business partners.
  • This position also includes assisting with social media outreach and community engagement through various projects and initiatives.
  • An ideal candidate for this position is passionate about amplifying the work of local activists and organizers, excited by the circular economy of secondhand fashion, and eager to learn about the inner workings of a socially-conscious small business. To apply, please send a one-page cover letter & resume to

Desired Skills: 

  • Photography
  • Photo-editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Interest in fashion, sustainability and social justice

Hours:  Flexible, between the following times:

  • Thursday 11-5pm
  • Friday 11-5pm
  • Saturday 11-5pm
  • Sunday 11-5pm
  • Monday 11-5pm

Position Requirements: The student would need to have a car to be able to drive to Tivoli.

To Apply:  Please email a statement of interest and your resume to

Meeting New York’s Ambitious Climate Goals: Conflict, Compromise, and NIMBY in Renewable Energy Siting (virtual)

10th Annual Woodstock Land Conservancy Film & Discussion Series

Hosted by Scenic Hudson. Register here!

In 2019, NYS passed the most ambitious, hopeful, and solution-oriented legislation in the country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By 2030, 70% of our electricity must come from renewables. In our part of the Hudson Valley, this means solar farms. Where will they go, who will make the decisions, and what will be the competing demands of agriculture, housing, tourism, and aesthetics?

We all want action on climate change. How do we balance people’s reservations against the pressing need to act now? Engage with short videos and live interviews plus Q&A with some of the climate leaders in the Hudson Valley, including Jen Metzger, former State Senator and current advisor to New Yorkers for Clean Power, and Audrey Friedrichsen, Land Use and Environmental Advocacy Attorney for Scenic Hudson.

Implementing New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (virtual)

The NYS Climate Action Council has released, for public comment, a much-awaited draft plan to implement New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), the most ambitious climate law in the country.  Attend this Zoom Q&A with Jen Metzger, who will give an overview of the plan and issues and recommendations that are important for communities to know about and weigh in on. She will also highlight actions that state and local governments need to begin taking now if New York is to reach its emissions targets.

This event is brought to you through the combined efforts of the New York State Climate Reality Project Coalition, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Riverkeeper, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, New Yorkers for Clean Power, and Scenic Hudson.

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Spring 2022 CEL Opportunities

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Beacon Climate Smart Communities Program Support with the Center for Economic and Environmental Partnership

This opportunity is available during the Spring 2022 semester. This opportunity can be conducted virtually and is only available for CEL credit.

Center for Economic and Environmental Partnership (CEEP)’s mission is to serve as a bridge between economic and environmental perspectives. We aim to encourage evaluation, development, and implementation of policies and programs supportive of the environment and the environmental industry. Our Matchmaker and Management Program connects early career professionals with local organizations to advance sustainability efforts. CEEP provides project management training and oversight to ensure satisfying outcomes for everyone. Visit the Matchmaker Program page to learn more. Continue reading “Beacon Climate Smart Communities Program Support with the Center for Economic and Environmental Partnership”