Leading with Artivism (virtual)

Join Arts Mid-Hudson (virtually) as Poet Gold talks with Carol Bash, the Founder and President of Paradox Films, a media production company based in Peekskill, NY. She is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with over 20 years of experience.⁠

Artist Talk “A Feel For The Place” (virtual)

This exhibition celebrates both the one year anniversary and recent closing of The Nancy Willard And Eric Lindbloom Artist-Run Project Space, in Poughkeepsie, New York, in July of 2022. Join on Zoom here.


  • Sara Adriani
  • Christine Callahan
  • Jesus Emmanuel
  • Sadia Rashid
  • Joanne Valeo
  • Arecis Tiburcio Zane

Curated by: Sasha Louis Bush

Artists’ Talk – Riverwinds Gallery Pop Up Show

Hear from the artists in the Riverwinds Gallery Pop Up Show at Womenswork.Art!

Consisting of over 40 artists, Riverwinds Gallery was originally located in the heart of Beacon, NY. In the summer of 2020, they closed their doors for good after 17 years of business, moving their entire operations online to become a virtual gallery.

Artist Talk – Gathered, Absorbes, Carried: Gabriella Kirby

Womenswork.Art Gallery is delighted to announce the solo exhibition “Gathered, Absorbed, Carried” by Gabriella Kirby, featuring a collection of mixed media paintings on plaster, canvas and paper that reflect on the emotional landscape of vulnerability we traverse in order to connect with the world around us. Learn from Gabriella Kirby in the artist talk on Sunday, August 8.

Kirby’s improvisational process ebbs and flows between tension and release, conflict and resolution, fear and ease. A series of fractured marks and plumes of atmospheric traces evokes the passage of an entity through space. Drawn marks scrape and carve their way into the plaster’s surface, a material whose inherent sensitivity holds duelling qualities of fragility and strength. Transparent washes of color flood and swiftly absorb into the raw canvas. Due to the nature of these exposed surfaces, nothing can hide here. Line mirrors vulnerability; both describe the distance between two points, with the ability to simultaneously separate and connect. “Gathered, Absorbed, Carried” becomes an imprint of those moments spent in this delicate space.