Welcome to the Office of Community-Engaged Learning! 

What is Community-Engaged Learning? 

Community-Engaged Learning is an experiential educational opportunity. Students work with a community partner and supplement off-campus learning with academic work under the direction of a faculty sponsor.

Why Community-Engaged Learning?

  • Enhance classroom learning
  • Foster engaged citizenship
  • Gain professional experience in your field
  • Support capacity building for critical social issues
  • Cultivate reciprocity with our community

How Do I Do It?

What About Credit?

All CEL is “ungraded” (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory). Students earn credit in the department of the faculty sponsor. To earn 0.5 units, students work with a community partner for 40 hours over the semester and complete 30 hours of academic work with their faculty sponsor. Academic work typically entails keeping a journal, assigned readings and a final integrative report. Student’s grade (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) takes into account an evaluation provided by the agency supervisor in addition to evaluation by the faculty sponsor.

The OCEL upholds the college’s commitment to providing an accessible and inclusive learning environment. Please contact the office if you need any accommodations.

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