Usually, you can find us in Main N-165. We are working remotely in the Fall, Spring, and Summer of 2021.

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Our Office

Dr. Lisa Kaul

she/her/hers  |  Director  |  likaul@vassar.edu
I’m one half Kashmiri, one quarter Maharashtrian, one-eighth Chinese, one-eighth Portuguese and immigrated to America in 2004. I grew up in India, earned my B.A. in Sociology from the University of Delhi, and my M.Phil. and D.Phil. in Social and Cultural Anthropology from Oxford. I love walking in high mountains, and my son is trying to get me to learn to ski.


 Jean Hinkley

 she/her/hers                                                   Assistant Director                 jhinkley@vassar.edu

I grew up in Poughkeepsie and love our city! After going to Washington D.C. for a B.A. in History at American University, I attended Marist College’s campus in Florence, Italy for my M.A. in Museum Studies. A few of my favorite things are: exploring the Catskills, playing the cello, collecting vinyl records, and gallery hopping.


 Amanda Goodman

  she/her/hers                                        Administrative Assistant    agoodman@vassar.edu 

“One of these mornings…you’re goin’ to rise up singing…then you’ll spread your wings…and you’ll take the sky…” These lyrics from Billie Holiday’s Summertime have often inspired me to go after what I want. I’m a singer/songwriter who has performed throughout the Hudson Valley and at BB King’s in New York City. I earned my Bachelor’s at Marist College and was awarded the Baccalaureate Award for the Political Science department. I previously worked for a fashion buyer and a bank. In addition to being a music lover, I love baking, fashion, penguins, and black cats.