Riding the Bus

The bus is free for all Vassar students with a Vassar College ID! Taking the bus is required if your CEL location is within walking distance of the bus route.

Take Route L to get to many agencies within Poughkeepsie. The bus pick-ups at the corner of Fairmont & Collegeview Aves, across the street from Elizabeth Boutique. It stops on the 00:26 and 00:56 of every hour Monday to Friday, and once per hour on Saturdays and Sundays. Simply hail down the bus as it arrives.

View the Route L bus schedule here.

View all bus schedules here.

Track the buses live here.

Where to stand to catch the bus from campus

Students whose placements are within 3 blocks of a bus route are required to take the Dutchess County bus unless there are circumstances that prevent the student from taking the bus.