Leading with Artivism

Join Poet Gold as she talks with Joel Bergner, a community artist whose large-scale murals can be found in 30 countries across 5 continents, painted in his signature style combining intimate portraits of local residents, vibrant color palettes and small details that draw the viewer in to experience multiple levels of meaning. His elaborate murals weave smoothly between realism with an urban art sensibility and the raw expressions of children’s art. As a community-based artist, Joel’s work is informed by his creative projects with the world’s most vulnerable children and communities, from Syrian refugee camps to American prisons; the favelas of Brazil to an orphanage in South Africa. In each project, he guides participants through the process of exploring issues that are important to them, designing their own composition and then collaboratively painting a public mural in their community.

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Leading with Artivism, guest Stephanie JT Russell (virtual)

Join us (virtually) as we talk with Stephanie JT Russell, a prolific poet, interdisciplinary artist, and cultural worker. Stephanie JT Russell’s most recent creative nonfiction book is One Flash of Lightning, a poetic treatment of the Samurai code (Andrews McMeel). Her work has been featured in books and journals such as The Xavier Review, The Winter Anthology, Sequestrum, Lightwood, ArLiJo, and at noted venues including The New Museum, The Griffin Museum of Photography, The Albright Knox, Bowery Poetry Club, and The Berkeley Museum. A visiting artist at New York University, The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding, The Stone House, and other institutions, Russell received the Overall Winner Award 2022 from the Wirral Poetry Festival, UK. A Trustee at The Emile Brunel Studio & Sculpture Park, an historic nature sanctuary and art center in Boiceville, NY, Russell is founder of its AIR Brunel BIPOC Fellowship Residency (brunelpark.org). Russell was appointed Dutchess County Poet Laureate 2023, for which she is curating an intercultural Laureate Event Series, Stream of Life, featuring poetry and art from multicultural communities throughout Dutchess County and the Hudson Valley region. RSVP HERE


Leading with Artivism (virtual)

Join Arts Mid-Hudson (virtually) as they talk with Amy Trompetter, a puppeteer, trumpeter, World Theater historian, teacher, and community organizer. She founded Redwing Blackbird Theater in the late 90s as a workshop and performance space in the Hudson Valley of New York. She has taught, directed, and performed all over the globe.

Leading with Artivism “Youth Roundtable” (virtual)

Join Arts Mid-Hudson (virtually) as they talk with artivists Harrison Brisbon-McKinnon, Rosmerayah, Miguel “Lito Koqui” Sanchez, and Jayda Woodall as they share their voice about the importance of art and its impact on the community as a catalyst for change.

Q&A Session with Poet Gold will lead the evening’s conversation.

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Leading with Artivism: Back to the Roots: a Latino Experience (virtual)

Join Arts Mid-Hudson (virtually) as we talk with artivist Daniel Villegas.
Villegas shows, with his unique sound & music, that the whole Earth’s group consciousness is changing and that it’s all about changing our individual “frequencies” as we all strive to move towards a group consciousness that is completely heart-centered. Register here!

Leading with Artivism (virtual)

Join Arts Mid-Hudson as Poet Gold talks with artivist Vince Ballentine, a multi-disciplined visual artist. Ballentine has traveled internationally and been commissioned to create work for the likes of the NCAA, MTV, BET, and festivals such as Wall Therapy, O-positive and Meeting of Styles in Germany. His work never stops evolving, as demonstrated by his 2020 US State Department residency in Ethiopia as an ambassador for hip hop. Register here!

Leading with Artivism – Dynamic Duo (remote)

Join Arts-Mid Hudson (virtually) as they talk with artivists BoogieREZ. Boogie is a Japanese Ameri- can artist who crafts detailed imaginary through textile, nature, portraits, flowing abstractions and uniquely creative characters. Her body of work taps into the flow of the streets, nature and the vibrations of dance and culture. REZONES is a self-taught visual artist. Starting out in the early 80’s with graffiti art. The platform eventually brought him to graphic design, which transitioned to graphic design which eventually led him to photography. His primary sources of inspiration are his life’s experiences as well as his environment. pulling heavily from his trials and tribulations as a youth growing up in Long Island, Brooklyn, New Jersey and Poughkeepsie.

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Leading with Artivism – Written & Spoken Word (virtual)

“Leading with Artivism” is a live monthly interview series, created and curated by Poet Gold in collaboration with Arts Mid-Hudson, featuring a diverse mix of Artivists (Artist Activists) who have taken up the charge through their art to highlight social issues. Participants are invited to ask questions and get an inside look at the hearts and minds of these courageous creatives.

Join Arts Mid-Hudson (virtually) as they talk with artivist Rashad Wright. Wright, a poet, author and playwright, has used his words to explore childhood, adolescents, athletics, sexuality, self-love, and identity. Q&A Session with Poet Gold will lead the evening’s conversation.

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