Taxi/Student Driver Request Form

How to Request Taxi / Student Driver

All requests need to be made 2 working days in advance. Please note that the office is closed on the weekend; any requests for Monday need to be put in by the previous Thursday.

Complete the Taxi/Student Driver Request Form to request a ride.

  • You can make multiple requests as early as you like. However, we strongly discourage cancellations. Please put in a request once you are certain about your schedule.
  • You will receive a google calendar invite notifying you that we have received your request.
  • You will receive a reminder 24 hours in advance to confirm your ride as well as to let you know whether you will be taking a taxi. UNLESS otherwise specified, you will be taking a ride with a student driver.
  • All pick-ups are from Main Circle. Please be punctual!

Making a change to a requested ride: Last minute changes and/or frequent changes are strongly discouraged. If you have to make a change, please send us an email at as soon as possible!