Sustainability Intern with Harriet Tubman Apartments

This opportunity is available during the Fall 2022 semester. Parts of this opportunity can be conducted remotely.

The Harriet Tubman Terrace Apartments (Tubman) is a non-profit, 200 unit apartment complex on the West side of the City of Poughkeepsie. The mission of Tubman is to provide clean, safe, rent-subsidized apartments to qualifying low-income residents of Poughkeepsie. It can be said, generally speaking, that the resident population of Tubman represents a high-needs community with limited financial resources.

The overall management of the Tubman Apartments is the responsibility of the Board of Directors who are the fiduciaries of the complex. The Board wants to start additional programs that would help Tubman as a whole become more environmentally responsible in its operation. To that end, one of the projects that would help would be to perform a feasibility study for, and implementation of, a recycling program on site. 

The main deliverables of this opportunity are:

  • A report detailing the infrastructure needs of a recycling program for a residential apartment setting.
  • Implement and support a community-based program that would initiate the recycling program.
  • Engage resident community in education regarding recycling and provide program information.
  • A final report at the end of the opportunity on progress and deficits of project implementation including, if possible, estimates of waste diverted.

In this assignment, the applicant will  be working with the Board, staff of Tubman and contractors. Direction and oversight will be done primarily by an outside contractor that will provide subject matter expertise in the area of waste management and recycling. In regards to day-to-day operations, physical recycling needs and anything else needed regarding on-site work, the applicant will address these concerns to Tubman’s property manager, Ron Traudt.

Hours: Students can register for either 0.5 unit or 1.0 unit of credit ( min. 40 hrs with org over the semester for + 30 hrs of academic work OR min. 80 hr over the semester with org  + 60 hours of academic work)

To Apply:  Please email a statement of interest and your resume to

Nutrition Project for Indoor Organic Gardens of Poughkeepsie

This opportunity is available during the Fall 2022 semester. Parts of this opportunity can be conducted virtually and the position is only available for CEL credit.

Indoor Organic Gardens of Poughkeepsie is an Indoor Farm in Center City Poughkeepsie which produces a live, organic vegetable powder from Broccoli they harvest at the Microgreen Sprout and dehydrate using proprietary process that retains max Nutrients.

Location: 316 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, NY, 12601

Role/Responsibilities: Explore ways to utilize Concentrated, Whole Food, Organic, Vegetables in the form of powder as a means of delivering Bioavailable Nutrition to School Children, especially targeted toward most Nutrition Deficient Inner City populations. This product is produced in Center City Poughkeepsie by local resident employees many in the “at risk” category.

Desired Skills: 

  • An interest in Health and Wellness, especially a Natural Whole Food Organic Diet.
  • Video Production, Editing, etc. are a plus to create educationally focused materials on explaining various aspects of the IOGP Enterprise.

Hours: Students can register for either 0.5 unit or 1.0 unit of credit ( min. 40 hrs with org over the semester for + 30 hrs of academic work OR min. 80 hr over the semester with org  + 60 hours of academic work)

To Apply:  Please email a statement of interest and your resume to

Marketing/Social Media/Philanthropy Internship with Poughkeepsie Public Schools Foundation

This opportunity is available during the Fall 2022 semester. This opportunity can be conducted virtually and is only available for CEL credit.

The Poughkeepsie Public Schools Foundation (PPSF) is helping the
Poughkeepsie City School District (PCSD) build a base of alumnae/i supporters – people who can be mentors, career presenters, commencement speakers, etc. and play other inspirational roles to current students. The District sent out a survey, including a place for alum respondents to give permission for their information to be shared with the Foundation, and Spring and Summer 2021 interns identified additional alums through social media. Between the survey and research, the Foundation and District have a good start for developing an alumnae/i group.

The Poughkeepsie Public Schools Foundation received an anonymous $10,000 pledge that has to be matched with alumnae/i gifts by December 31, 2021 in order for the pledge to be fulfilled. The half-way mark has been passed, and now the Foundation will launch a major campaign to meet the final goal.

Position Description: 

  • Focus primarily on alumnae/i marketing, tracking, and fundraising through radio ads, social media outreach and postings, outreach throughout the regional community, and other ways of identifying and soliciting alums for donations.
  • Attend PPSF Communications Committee and Fundraising Committee meetings as well as the full bi-monthly board meetings to understand their work in the larger context, and to learn more about nonprofit operations.
  • Contributing to the creation, development and design of marketing materials and social media postings.
  • Researching/producing various marketing and promotional materials in collaboration the executive director and communications committee.

Desired Skills: 

  • Artistic/creative, Microsoft Office Suite skills, strong FaceBook and website updating abilities, and capable of communicating effectively both orally and in
  • Spanish language skills and database experience are a plus. Interns must be
    able to treat all information and data shared within the scope of their positions with an appropriate level of confidentiality and security.


  • M- F business hours, with some evening meetings 6pm-7pm or 7pm-8pm EST.
  • 40 hours of experiential work for the semester.
  • Must be available at least 30 minutes weekly by phone/Zoom for meetings/check-ins. PPSF considers this to be a learning experience for both parties.

Interns must be willing to sign a nondisclosure form, as they will have access to people’s contact information.

To Apply:  Please email a statement of interest and your resume to

PK 4 Keeps Comprehensive Plan Public Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to the Charter and Codes of the City of Poughkeepsie, Administrative Code, Section 14.04, a Common Council Public Hearing will be held on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 6:00pm and will be held in the Common Council Chambers, for the purpose of receiving comments on the on the draft, Comprehensive Plan PK4Keeps: A Comprehensive Plan for Poughkeepsie.

 If you are interesting in commenting during Public Participation, please email before 4:00 pm on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

All are welcome to comment and provide feedback.

Summer 2022 CEL Opportunities

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Public Health and Mental Health

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Urban Planning

City of Poughkeepsie Public Arts Commission Meeting (in person)

The City of Poughkeepsie Public Arts Commission’s duty is to expand community awareness and advocate for the role and value of arts and culture in civic life. Taking into account the unique assets of the City of Poughkeepsie along with the successes and achievements of related revitalization efforts in other cities around the country; the commission will work to strengthen the local economy by gaining a greater regional and national recognition, advancing the City as an “arts destination” and engage public art as a major attraction for artists, cultural tourism and economic development. The Commission is to advise the City on issues relating to the arts; including the development, implementation, evaluation, and potential modification of the City’s art and culture policies, legislation, programs and services with an aim of fostering a wide range of arts and cultural offerings that engage a diverse public audience in the City of Poughkeepsie.

View the agenda here.