1. Is it too late to add CEL for Fall 2022? Can I start looking for Spring 2023 opportunities?
  2. When do I register for CEL?
    • The ideal time to register for CEL is during the Pre-Registration period of the previous semester. However, you can add CEL during the Add/Drop period!
  3. Can I register for a 2nd 6-week CEL?
    • Potentially yes! Please email ocel@vassar.edu to discuss your options.
  4. Can I register for CEL in the summer?
    • Yes! Also, you do not have to pay tuition for the first 2 units of summer credit.
  5. Can I receive compensation and credit?
  6. Is CEL graded?
    • CEL is graded as SA/UN.
  7. How many times can I do CEL?
    • You can do up to 5 units of ungraded work to count towards graduation. If you do a CEL with the same organization, we ask that the nature of the work is different and that you have a different faculty sponsor.
  8. What is the course number for CEL?
    • All CELs are listed as [Department of Faculty Sponsor] – 290.
  9. Is CEL a classroom unit?
  10. I did an internship in a previous semester/during the summer, but I didn’t register for CEL because I didn’t’ know I could receive credit! Can I receive credit retroactively.
    • CEL is an intentional learning opportunity. You cannot receive credit retroactively.
  11. After I am registered, can I change my units of CEL credit?
    • Students are permitted to switch units within the add/drop period. After the deadline, you cannot change units.
  12. I’ve got an internship! Can I receive CEL credit?
    • Possibly. Please meet with the OCEL to discuss more.
  13. How do I find a faculty sponsor? Can my sponsor be my advisor?
    • Reach out to a faculty member you know or have taken a class with. Ideally, the research or teaching interest of your faculty sponsor would complement the experiential work you are doing.
    • Yes, your advisor can be your sponsor.
  14. Can the OCEL help find me a sponsor?
    • Yes, we can suggest names of potential sponsors.