Ella Nguyen ’23: Book VIII, Chapter XXXVI (It Deals With the Plums and Two-Pitted Plums Found In the Mainland, In the Southern Land)

Book VIII, Chapter XXXVI

It deals with the plums and two-pitted plums found in the mainland, in the southern land.

Translated by Ella Nguyen ’23

In the southern land, in the province and governorate of Nueva Castilla, which is governed for his Imperial Majesty by the Marquis, Don Francisco Pizarro, there are certain trees that the Spanish call two-pitted plums, which are large trees whose fruit is properly like plums, and each one of them has two pits; the Indians eat them and so do the Christians, although they taste less than good, and their flesh sticks to the teeth. Anyway, it is not a delicacy to be sought after, and especially not by devotees of Bacchus, because wine tastes bad if drunk after eating this fruit, even is the wine is very good; but with all its flaws, it is eaten by those who do not have a better option.

Image retrieved from John Carter Brown Library at Brown University