Ella Nguyen ’23: Book VIII, Chapter XLIV (Deals With the Tree Called Cimiruco and Its Fruit)

Book VIII, Chapter XLIV

Deals with the tree called cimiruco and its fruit.

Translated by Ella Nguyen ’23

On the mainland, in the province and governorate of Venezuela, there are small trees, eight or ten handspans in height more or less. They are called cimirucos and their leaves are like those of the plum tree. The fruit they bear is like a cherry, and they are so similar that if both fruits were put on a plate, those who see them would judge them to be one and the same thing, except that the cimiruco does not have a pit like the cherry, but rather two or three small pips. This fruit is very delicate and has a pleasing taste, a bit like quinces. They pick this fruit twice a year.

Illustration of the Malpighia emarginata from Flore médicale des Antilles by Theodore Descourtilz in the 1820s.