About the foul-smelling skunks of the Mainland.

Translated by Kendal Simmons ‘23

In many parts and provinces of the Mainland, there are skunks that produce a terrible stench. Although these skunks may be far away, men can still smell their stench if they find themselves downwind from one. This abhorrent animal and its attributes will be discussed later, as well as the reason why hunters and beaters tend to leave them alone, distancing themselves in disgust. The reader will find this animal discussed at length in Book XXIV, Chapter XIII, which tells of three notable animals, including the skunk.[1]

[1] In chapter XXXIV of book VI, or libro de los Depósitos, Oviedo also offers interesting news about these skunks and about the other two animals that he mentions here. In book XXIV, the fifth book of the second volume, to which he refers, he elaborates on them notably. [AR]