Of the birds that were brought to these islands and Indies from Spain.

Translated by Yuming Ren ’21

Many of our hens and roosters have been brought from Spain to this island, its neighboring regions, and to New Spain and the Mainland, and they have done very well and bred in great numbers; there are also many beautiful capons and in great quantity in all these parts and the Indies. They have brought many domestic pigeons, and they breed well and there are many of them in this city, in many houses and in the farms and other parts of this island of Hispaniola where there are populations of Christians. They have brought some turkeys of those from Castile, but they do not do well or reproduce as well as they do in Spain; and the same I say of the geese of Castile, since the ones brought here do not prosper and do not reproduce as well as they do there, although some domestic ducks from Castile have done very well and now there are many of them, since here there were already vast numbers of them, but smaller.