About a new way of preparing or marinating fish that the Indians in New Castile use to cure fish without salt.

Translated by Emilie Rose Parker ’22

This account or new lesson about the way in which the Indians season and cure fish without salt in the coast of San Miguel, in New Castile, seems to me to be about something not heard of or seen before, nor written about other provinces, and it is done in this way. They cut open the fish and dig a span-deep hole in the ground, then they cover the fish with dirt. After the fish is buried there for five or six days, they take them out cured, and they come out even better than the very good cured fish of Galicia or Ireland, and as dry; and the fish keep this way for a very long time. This is done where I have said, in land where it never rains, fifty paces more or less from the coast.