Of the animals named marraxos or mako sharks.

Translated by Adele Birkenes ‘20

The shortfin mako shark is bigger than the shark and fiercer, but not as agile or swift. They resemble sharks since they have the same hide, but as I said, they are bigger. They are killed in the same way, with chain hooks, as was told in the previous chapter, but they are not good for eating, even though some seamen will try, especially if they are short on provisions. I have seen these with nine rows of teeth encircling the mouth, one row in front of the other, from smallest to largest, and some larger than others, and this new arrangement of teeth is a thing to behold. Most often, even though people take them and kill them, they do not eat them and throw them back into the sea, because as I have said, they do not eat them unless necessary. According to seamen, they are also found in the Spanish seas.