Of the bears like those in Spain.[1]

Translated by Kristine (Kasey) Drake ’23

Bogotá is the highest title of dignity among all the other lords in those parts of the Mainland that we now call the New Kingdom of Granada. I have learned from captains Johan de Junco and Gomez de Corral and other trustworthy people that in that land there are many bears like those we have in our Spain, very much like them in every way, in addition to all the other animals that are to be found in Castilla del Oro. And they say these bears are very daring against dogs and hunters, and that to kill them takes no less diligence and effort than to hunt those of Spain, and very good sighthounds and hunting dogs are necessary to hunt them. There are also many bears in the lands to the north, especially in Florida, the land that Governor Hernando de Soto explored, as will be described more extensively in book XVII of this first part.

[1] The spectacled bear [Tremarctos ornatus] is the only bear native to South America.