Mehr Nasir-Moin ’21

Mehr Nasir-Moin, Vassar class of 2021, majored in Computer Science with a correlate in Hispanic Studies. She is originally from the Hudson Valley. Mehr is currently an M.D. candidate at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Buffalo.


Joseph Niver ’19

Joseph Niver, Vassar class of 2019, was a double major in Political Science and Hispanic Studies. He is currently a J.D. candidate at the New York University School of Law. Joe is also a speaker of Russian.



Gabriela (Ella) Nguyen ’23

Gabriela Nguyen, who also goes by Ella, is a prospective Spanish major. She is also a part of Vassar Cosmetics and is very interested in all things beauty. She also loves to write poetry (or just in general) and hopes to develop this skill into a law career one day.



Emilie Rose Parker ’22

Rose Parker is a current senior from Portland, Oregon. She is a member of the varsity Vassar fencing team and will major in political science and Hispanic studies. Having taken Spanish classes since Kindergarten, she is excited to be able to contribute to a project as interesting and interactive as the Oviedo Project!


Isabella Perez ’21

Isabella Perez is a Hispanic Studies major and English correlate at Vassar College, class of 2021. She likes to hang out with friends and family and watch more Netflix than is advisable. Translating chapters on Cuba’s colonization has helped her connect in a new way to her Cuban roots.


Gina Pepitone ’22

Gina Pepitone graduated with a double major in Media Studies and Cognitive Science and a correlate in Hispanic Studies. With her Cog Sci major she specialized in linguistics, so she had a really fun time working on the Oviedo Project! She is originally from Kansas City, and post-grad she will be working at software development company in New York City.


Sashinka Poor ’24

Sashinka Poor, class of 2024, is an International Studies major with concentrations in Hispanic Studies and Political Science, and an additional interest in Computer Science. She is from California and has been learning Spanish since kindergarten. She is a Copy Editor for the Miscellany News and has enjoyed exploring translation, a new facet of writing for her, through the Oviedo Project.


Gari Puckrein ’24

Gari Puckman, class of 2024, is a sociology and media studies double major. She is from Washington D.C. and has been playing piano for over 15 years.



Yuming Ren ’21

Yuming “Ren” Ren is a Biology and Hispanic Studies double major. A member of Vassar’s rugby team, she also designs graphic novels, does owling research at the Mohonk Preserve, and participates in Vassar College EMS. Ren was the winner of the 2019 short story prize awarded by the Education Office of the Consulate General of Spain in New York.


Charlotte Rhoads ’22

Charlotte Rhoads is a senior from Maine double majoring in Hispanic Studies and Environmental Studies, with an expected minor in Mathematics. She currently volunteers for the non-profit Conversations Unbound.



Chloe Richards ’22

Chloe Richards was a Hispanic Studies and Urban Studies double major at Vassar. She’s from Portsmouth, NH but now lives in Philadelphia, PA. Chloe had a radio show for all four years at Vassar on the college radio station, WVKR, and was the General Manager in her last year.


Sofia Rodas ’20

Sofia Rodas majored in Environmental Studies and Hispanic Studies. Originally from Los Angeles, Sofia was a member of Vassar’s rowing team. Focused on oceanic ecologies, Sofia spent a semester Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program.



Emma San Filippo ’24

Emma is from New Jersey and a member of the class of ’24. She is majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior and heavily considering a correlate in Hispanic Studies as well. “One thing I found interesting while working on this project was learning about all of these people and events I had no clue about before I started. I also learned a lot of Spanish words I didn’t know existed, either! So, being a part of the translation team definitely made me more informed about both history and the Spanish language.”

Isabel Schneck ’19

Isabel Schneck, Vassar class of 2019, majored in Latin American and Latinx Studies, focusing on the intersection of immigrant rights and education equity. A speaker of Spanish and Quechua, she is the author of Take Me to Carnival/Llévame al Carnaval/Carnavalesman Pusariway (Kipus Press, Cochabamba, Bolivia, 2018), a trilingual children’s book written in collaboration with students and teachers at Unidad Educativa “Padre Pompeo Rigón” and community members in Mizque, Bolivia. The book aims to support ongoing efforts of cultural preservation and language revitalization by providing a culturally relevant story for Bolivian children.

Dariana Serrano ’25

Dariana Serrano is a rising sophomore coming from Puerto Rico, who intends on studying Biology in the pre-med track with a studio art correlate. Dariana joined the Oviedo team in part because of Oviedo’s knowledge as a naturalist, but thoroughly enjoyed learning and observing how Spanish spelling and grammar has evolved since the 1850s.


Kendal Simmons ’23

Kendal Simmons, class of 2023, is from New Jersey and is majoring in Hispanic Studies and Anthropology. She was the Ford scholar for the Oviedo Project during the Summer of 2020 and really enjoyed the experience.



Andrea Tellez ’21

Andrea Tellez studies biochemistry on a pre-health track. She is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas and enjoys the winters that New York offers. She appreciates the laughs she sometimes gets from Oviedo’s writings and can’t wait to see how the complete translation turns out!


Maira Vargas ’22

Maira was an Education and Sociology double major at Vassar. During
her time, she worked as an Exploring College Tutor, Student Fellow,
and tour guide. Originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, and then
living in Brooklyn for most of her life, the Oviedo Project offered an
opportunity to practice her Spanish and challenge her translation

Nick Weiner ’22

Nick was a Computer Science major and Hispanic Studies correlate from outside Newark, NJ. Outside of school, Nick was a Research Assistant at the Brain Game Lab in the Cognitive Science department at Vassar. Nick is currently working as a Software Developer at Infinite Biomedical Technologies, where he works on apps and software for upper-limb prosthetics.


Maxwell White ’22

Max majored in Psychology at Vassar, graduating a year later than originally planned due to COVID-19. He grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin but now lives in Seattle, Washington. Max found the work to very fulfilling because he enjoyed reading the history so much and now he knows he made Oviedo’s writing more accessible to more people.


Grace Willoughby ’22

Grace Willoughby is a History major and prospective Hispanic Studies correlate from just outside Boston, Massachusetts. She enjoys being sarcastic in footnotes and rolling her eyes at Oviedo’s love for paragraph-length run-on sentences. The craziest (and most unnecessary) research deep dive sparked by the project involved a trip to Harvard’s special collections to fact check one of Oviedo’s references.


Joseph Wiswell ’20

Joseph Wiswell majored in American studies and while at Vassar was a key member of SEED, an an environmental student organization, and one of the organizers for Vassar’s first climate strike. A writer and activist, Joe works as a lead volunteer organizer for Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson.