About the short-haired lions on the Mainland and in the governorate of Castilla del Oro, as well as on the Northern and Southern coasts and other parts.

Translated by Kendal Simmons ‘23

There are real lions in the Mainland who are short-haired in the sense that they look like Scottish deerhounds, except that they are very well-armed and without any beards or manes. They are not as intrepid as the lions of Africa, but are rather cowardly and tend to flee (given that such a characteristic is common among lions, as they do not do any wrong if they are not pursued and attacked[1]). Crossbowmen kill them in the same way that they kill the ochís and tigers because they climb into trees. I have seen them in the governorate of Castilla del Oro, in the Mainland, and in the Northern and Southern coasts. Also, they are tawny in color and kill the Indians when they manage to catch them alone.

[1] Pliny, Book VIII, Chapter 16.