Of the large brown lions [Puma concolor or South American cougar].

Translated by Kristine (Kasey) Drake ’23

Contador Johan de Cáceres, born in the city of Madrid, who in his profession as auditor serves their Majesties in the governorate of New Castile and the southern territories governed by the marquess don Francisco Pizarro, came to this city of Santo Domingo of the island of Hispaniola and brought from there a young and very tame lion, but large in size, and of a light brown color, with very soft hair and pretty eyes, and well-armed with teeth and claws and strong legs. He gave me the lion and I had it for a few days in their Majesties’ fortress, which is in my charge; I then gave it to don Alonso de Fuenmayor, Bishop of this city and the city of La Vega, president of the Audiencia Real, who resides here. This lion is in his house today, and in four months it has grown a great deal. And though it is very gentle and comfortable around men, it does not like being touched but only sneakily; if a dog or cat comes close, in short time it tears it to pieces, and I suspect that this aspect of his behavior will worsen by the day. There are many of these lions in those parts.