Of the type of dog known as gozquez on the Mainland.

Translated by Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert

I have already said that the dogs known as gozques[1] which can be found in many parts of the Mainland, are mute and very good to eat and come in all the usual dog colors; and also that they used to be found on this island of Hispaniola and other islands on the gulf. And as I said in Chapter V of this Book XII, where the reader perchance saw it, if the goal from the start has been to inform the reader about the animals from this region of the world, there is no need to repeat it here. And there are also many dogs of the type brought from Spain, and many of them have absconded and turned wild, and they roam the hills and are very harmful.

[1] Gozgue is a common Spanish name for any small dog; the Spanish gave this name to a breed of mute dogs called xulos by some Indians, which they raised as pets and for their meat. [EE]