Laurel Hanson ’23: Book VIII, Chapter XXV (Of the Zarzamoras of This Island of Hispaniola and Other Places)

Book VIII, Chapter XXV

Of the zarzamoras of this island of Hispaniola and other places.

Translated by Laurel Hanson ’23

There are many zarzamoras or blackberries like those in Spain on this island of Hispaniola and on other islands here, as well as on the Mainland. That being the case, while these cannot be considered trees in Spain and other parts of Europe, they are considered to be trees here, because they have thicker trunks and branches, and are much taller than those in Castile, and one must judge them to be trees due to their great size. The blackberry trees and the fruit they bear are like those of Castile, although smaller and of the same flavor, with branches that are no less thorny, and with the same leaves.

Image: From Nederlandsche Flora en Pomona,by Pomologische Vereeniging te Boskoop, published in 1879