Group 1: Project Plan

The innovation of wireless technology has given us convenience in the form of mobility, speed, and efficiency. In addition it has enabled us to go outside our reach to form and keep connections made with people all around the world.

Problem Statement:
There is still a rather inconvenient and significant tether that keeps us from moving with the speed and flexibility that we are capable of, the need for electrical power to be transmitted through wire. The solution: Wireless Power Transmission (WPT).

There are a handful of products, known as power mats, on the market that offer WPT for the use of charging cell phones and iPods. The purpose of our investigation is to collect data and analyze the commercial products and with that information build a WPT device of our own. Moreover, we wish to consider the limits, benefits, and further applications of such technology.

Our device will work by inducing a current with a changing magnetic field. By running current through a primary wire, a magnetic field is created, a secondary receiver coil will experience a change of magnetic flux and thus cause current to run through that coil.


  • Watts Up Pro to measure the needed power to run the power mat as well as to measure the power that is transmitted to the receiver coil in the external device.
  • Magnetic Field Sensor to measure the magnetic field around the coils.
  • Temperature Sensor to measure how the primary and secondary coils heat over time and with different power settings.

Juan and Elijah will split up the work on collecting and analyzing data as well as the building of the device evenly. Juan will take care of most of the posts on this website.

Activity Plan:
9/23 – Use Watts Up Pro to measure electrical power and the magnetic field sensor for the magnetic fields present
9/24 – Analyze the data from the measurements
9/25 – Read research papers from Scopus covering WPT
9/26 & 27 – Prepare a plan for building the device and order needed materials
10/2 – Post data onto moodle
9/30-10/4 – Build the WPT device
10/5-8 – Collect data on our device
10/9 – Post data and project results onto moodle

1 thought on “Group 1: Project Plan

  1. Avatar photoJenny Magnes

    It is impressive that you not only intend to evaluate existing WPT’s but also built your own. Investigating existing devices would be sufficient for this project also. Also, you have not given a list of materials to build your own WPT.

    What are the makes and models of the equipment you are planning to use; i.e., the WPT and the temperature sensor? What are your expected results and why?

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