About LTT

Lasers, Technology, & Transportation is a unique course offered by Vassar’s Physics Department for the first time in the Spring 2011 semester. Under the Registrar as PHYS-180, it is an introductory level Physics course that awards passing students 0.5 credits towards their undergraduate degree.

We will explore the mechanisms that drive so many modern technologies, including cell phones, iPods, video game systems, and CD players, as well as the underlying physics that allow these gadgets to function exactly as they do. Additionally, we will discuss modern research that is being done on present technologies and inventions yet to be created. Hands-on experiences and demonstrations will give us a first-hand look at how and why lasers, technology, and teleportation are the future for scientific discovery.

The instructor for this Lasers, Technology, & Teleportation course (PHYS-180) is Professor Jenny Magnes.

Student assistants for the course include Alexandra Bello (VC ’12) and Joseph Andrade (VC ’14).

Class will begin during the second 6 weeks (second half) of the Spring 2011 semester. We will meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00PM to 1:15PM in Room 207 of the Sanders Physics building.